Ball and Chain

The ball weighs heavy on this chain Swollen ankles clasped web tight Conditioned filtered brain. Heavy this lead ton titan ball, And clinking clunking chain.   Pulling us down down down Along the spit mud ground Along this austerity track. Breaking and broken dreams, Sit shattering on our shattered china back.   We pile from … Continue reading Ball and Chain

Choired Land

This piece is an old post I am republishing. It is inspired by a place called Snowdonia in Wales that I have been hiking many times. There are small changes in this version. This poem is also featured in my book "Words From An Unlikely Poet". Photograph featured is my own.

Promised A Diamond, Given A Spade – (old post)

Richest divide back-dropped against poorest side, Poorest side losing to society’s advancing, Advancing credit tide. Credit given hand over fist Then cracked back by cracking whips, Whips bought and paid, People offered short lived diamonds that fade. Promised a diamond, given a spade. Spades dig only down, Down further into sticky mud Created by this … Continue reading Promised A Diamond, Given A Spade – (old post)