A Message For My Maker.

I have a bone to pick with you my maker, my designer and creator.

Having some glitches that could use a fix, I seem to of developed a serious mind itch.

Can you take a look at my mental engine, it seems to be on the red and causing a lot of tension.

Think a fuse has blown, I cant seem to find any peace.

Not impressed I do digress, please fix this inner computer mess.

Never mind listening to that prayer or fixing that Trump and Russia nightmare.

My mind engines broken and needs a repair, so throw me some bible wisdom from somewhere.

 I don`t believe in you anyway so this is pointless chat, i may as well go downstairs and tell my problems to the bloody cat.


One thought on “A Message For My Maker.

  1. Nice ! I’m an atheist but fervently pray I’m wrong and he exists so I can ‘have words’ with the **** !! I’m no philosopher or theologian but it’s as plain as the nose on my face. With all the bad shit in the world there are only 2 conclusions should god exist . Either he’s a sick puppy or just really crap at being a supreme being.
    Ie like Hitler or Mr Bean

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