Feeling Fine.

Feeling fine is often my answer, to that passer by or conversation chancer. Its easier than im not ok, have you got a minute, if not, please say.

Its ok not to be ok is the current social trend, pity it dosent help me on this rocky road mend.

Yes im fine, is much easier, than im falling to pieces, cant you see these facial creases.

How was your weekend, I hope it was ok, you should of lived mine, you may have to one day. I hope you dont, its no fun, you wont even find some summer pleasure sitting in the sun,

Feeling fine is me, cant you see, ask some more, but beware, you’ll wish you’d never asked, its all far too frightful to care.

Feeling fine is so much easier, I cant tell you whats on my mind, you would only feel you have to be too kind, so please dont ask me whats going on inside, my fragile, broken, complicated mind. Just accept the first answer, honestly, its fine.

Its good to talk they say. Is it really, I wish I knew how so clearly. Please tell me how, spill the beans, or sell me some of those remarkable free for everyone dreams.

Oh whats this, the lift has stopped, never mind, I get off at the top. Its ok, dont burden yourself with the question, it was never a matter up for this social dissection.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

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