Acceptance Circus

Roll up, roll up, we have lots to see, medication pills and mental therapy.

Freaks all around, you have come to see that, prepare yourself for an acceptance chat.

Its awareness week, a time to speak, no need to hide your inner freak.

Social media, on a rampage, with acceptance quotes on every page.

Its ok not to be ok is all I hear, its taken long enough, at least a few year.

Mental health is all the rage, I feel so current, so center stage.

It’s in all the news on every page, this mental health circus parade.

Surviving or thriving, well what do you think, ive always been on the edge of life’s mental brink.

But where were you when its was needed, to help me when the bad times proceeded.

No one to be found, no caring face or concerned frown.

No one to call, or help me through, battle on buster, it’s just you being you.

Not now, those days are done, pull up a seat my troubled son.

Why wasn’t the acceptance circus in town, when I was a kid and felt the clown.

It may be all gone tomorrow, then its back to the dark and the sorrow.

But for the time being ill take the hug, the concerned frown and enjoy the ride while the circus is in town.




Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.


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