The Trip

Going away tomorrow, feeling confident about it, will be lots of people everywhere and ill be out of routine, but whatever, im going to embrace that fear. It cant kill me. Its site seeing not sword swallowing.

The fact I am going in the first place is a victory. Normally my OCD, Anxiety etc would just make it too stressful.

There will be things that grate on me, the Instagram junkies will no doubt be out in force, who I swear go away for the sole purpose of being able to Instagram the shit out of everything so we all know their exact time, location and frequency. Hate Instagram, I had it once but I got rid of it because I couldn’t handle my friends, who are mainly grown men my own age, posting inspirational quotes all the time. Instagram Gollums “LLLIIIKKKEEEZZZZ MMMEEEEE”

Anyway, I am going off point. As I say I am feeling confident about going away, it will be good to break routine, which is hard to do when at home in base camp.

All the best and I hope you enjoy whatever it is you and yours are doing this weekend.




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