Sullen Return

It wasn’t a surprise when you came back today,

Black eyes that turn me milky grey.

Black as burnt coffee

Oiled ocean scar

Cat’s eye slit,

Back into my troubles pit

My worries jar.


The day had started not a care in the world

Hope was returning my burdens uncurled,

Like toes on a soft rug, a slight bend, a gentle tug,

This was my day of peace to be found

All burdens were lost

Free and unbound.


I was up and feeling good

Steadfast my being did stand,

No executioners hood to blind sight of wooded trees

Or burdens anchor

Pulling me to my blackened knees.


Then I felt a subtle spot while standing on my happy plain,

I could have sworn I felt a drop

Of burdens unhappy rain.

A drop is how it starts, a fine haze,

Then quickly the deluge

Becomes a burning choking blaze.


I twitch like a bird on feeders hanging seed

I curse and spit my frustration at calms exiting speed,

I wash my hands to clear the blood

To cleanse myself of this sticky mind mud.

Ill see you tomorrow my happy plain,

It was fun before that spot of rain.

Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.




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