Parted & Sold

With lips of spite she sips at her indifference
Remembering times of little resistance,
Remembering times of heartless spear
Thrust by lustful stranger
Or anyone
Who was near.
Into her barren curtain slit
Strangers often found their bit.
And welcomed in
Parted and sold
She offered warmth
From darkest cold.
Those days a forgetful memory
A crimson blush
Under carpets brush,
While skeletons collect
Their closets dust.
This be her truth
she’d remain it untold,
Behind the latch
Or old book fold.
Now these days she is better than most
Fortune has propped up that loose bed post,
And down her nose she does do stare
At strangers passing
 Poor and threadbare.
Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

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