I Care Not

I care not for your daily tales,

The sound passes through my worn ears

Like wind through tattered sails,

Like holes in a fishing net

The words pass through,

Escaping the sounds

The dull hums of you.


Drown me over board,

Cast me no line,

I’ll forget your words in the sands,

Of my sinking time.

I empty my lungs and sink into the black crush,

Don’t pull me back to your vomit of words

Your tedious gush.


I care not for your inverted commas acceptable version of events,

No smile will break my cheeks

My dead pan face

Frozen in place,

Lost in sand grain stars 

And all their endless space.


Suck me into a black hole,

Void of interest I feel only darkness towards your insipid matters,

You puncture my mind with your worm hole drawl,

As you grind out your mouth soil

At slowest grinding crawl.


I care not for your watered down yarns,

The slow turns of your materialistic wheel

Spun by your constant uninspiring spiel,

Turn the wheel to release the noose drop,

Let the trap door open

Let the teeth clattering stop.


Clattering with rusty tracks screech,

The constant need you have to give unwanted speech,

Your tongue flapping like a runaway train

Whistles in my tunnel ears 

My tinnitus brain.


 I care not for your holy sermon preached from on high

By the grace of God go forward say I,

Preach your gospel

Your enlightened views

To ones that would, and do so choose.


So as my dead eyes stare back at you,

Lost black ships abandoned in their milky pools,

I remain anchored by your conversation rock

Longing for time to speed its tick,

And hasten,

Its tock.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

36 thoughts on “I Care Not

  1. Charlie, your work is so accessible, you tease out of simple form such beauty and thought I feel compelled to read it again, You’ve clearly opened the door and are well on the way to exorcising the demons (angst) that we all carry.
    Thank you C.Hasler, Poet.


  2. Seems like a description of a person stuck in a tedious relationship and wants to just get out of it

    Or someone who really hates the priest 😀

    But maybe, just maybe a description of the fight between the ego and id where the id doesn’t want an adjustment anymore

    Would love to know more about it. Is there a sequel or prequel?

    Finely putted forth. Loved it.


    1. Hi mate, thanks for the kind comment, its essentially about that person that most of us know that just grates on us. But, through circumstance we have to sometimes, bite our lips and listen to them spout off. Basically I am just trying to get across the frustration of those situations. Albeit on an extreme level. No prequel or sequel planned…..until I speak to that person again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not at all, I a firm believer it’s down to the reader to decide what the words represent, if they represent something to you then that’s what it is.

        Liked by 1 person

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