Screaming Into The Void

We scream into the ever growing void of our own advancing life.

Our own advancing life, the trouble and strife.

Met by echoes of nothingness we stand pin drop eared,

Waiting for answers to come from the darkness.

Answers to present a mothers apron string.

Pin prick eared we wait to be guided through the uncertain times.

We are all children looking for the apron string,

With wet thumbs we shuffle along,

Reaching hands grabbing at empty air,

Too much we care, too much strife,

In this ever advancing,

Troubled life.



Haunted by decisions we feel are of such grave importance.

Importance is determined by circumstance. 

The man who crosses the ocean on a weighed down boat,

Only just afloat, afloat only just he treads the gasping air.

The man who wakes up worried with weather. 

Whether to umbrella against the black sky.

Hardly the same, hardly do or die.

And yet we wander with an out of step heart and stuttered tongue,

Daily rung is our tongue.

Rung out decisions that have been lined and weathered every morning.

Every morning since our first mornings memory dawned and broke the curtains with waking split,

To prize our sleeping eyes.



Uncertainty, the concept of uncertain excitement is an alien concept that we rarely venture down. 

A route as fraught with danger as an un-cleared mine field. 

Detector ready, we listen.

Fear poised we wait for the ping back life crack of life`s whipping sting to guide us down the safer route.

The normal route. Certainty is all but guaranteed.

Normal, as beige is to bland, as grain is to sand and all the neatly lawns.

Reformatory white washed reforming walls of a newly refurbished, reformed and re-tuned mind. 

Dull lines, clean lines upon picture less walls.

Shops on Saturday, family on Sunday, work on Monday and the groundhog recurrence of it all. 

With a whales gulp we yawn the empty sea.



Success is judged on mortgage size,

A collection of loans and borrowed wealth,

Line our borrowed mantel shelf. 

Education is based upon industry focused qualifications of a system that forever demands more from you and your learned mind. 

First is now last, master is now student, Doctor is now as expected as it is taken for granted. 

Alas, we have all become nuts and bolts,

And heavy is the draw.

Never enough, must better ourselves, become great.

The greatest great most beautiful pure perfectly perfect whiter than white diamond encrusted iconic genius since the water was turned to wine and all men followed the deserted man.



Deserted, faith is as deserted as the marooned man.

Marooned we all wander the island.

In this ungodly time of the none believers the minority consider themselves the enlightened in a darkened time. 

Believer or none believer we are all ants, a shoe forever hovers over us.

Must pick a side, never astride.

Believer or none believer. No in between. 

Like opinions, you must choose.

I am none believer and yet I remain crucified by circumstance. 

My gods are the ones who pay me and keep my table supplied with food. 

Take away the food,

And watch me pray. 



Opinions, if you are astride the fence you are pulled down. 

This is a black and white time,

In a grey age, upon a sad page,

How the tears do run and bleed the years away. 

Mockery the chosen response to pushing back against the raging tides of opposition views. 

Democracy is as much a reality as fairies are to teeth and yet we still leave our silver coins. 

Hate always the undercurrent of the harsher view and lack of facts the pulling current. 

If we do not swim against this current we will all be left adrift. 

And find ourselves 

The treading man.




Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

23 thoughts on “Screaming Into The Void

  1. Dear Charlie,
    It was one of the best poems I’ve personally read and believe me, I’ve read enough. Poetry has the same impact for me, I suffered and survived some dark times too. Believe me, sometimes these introspective words are all that we need. I read it somewhere, I don’t remember where, but it goes like this, “How are we supposed to explain what is going in our head when we don’t understand it ourselves.”
    Those were different times, either way you have a real talent for words.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for such a genuinely amazing feedback. My dad said to me after I fell apart last year that through terrible times, once the the worst has passed we can be left with crystal clarity. I think that is correct. I am coming to learn more and more that it just is what it is. Cheers

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Keep writing! You have a natural talent for producing a lyric effect as well-timed word choice begs emotion and connection from the reader! Well done! I wish I had your longevity! Thanks for checking out my crazy posts!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for writing this poem, which reflects all the issues I ponder too much. I write to escape these thoughts, but I read to connect with the life in them;)


  3. Incredible piece! I particularly love the way you form patterns in your stanzas with the words and themes that you trail throughout. Very mature and artistic style. I would love to feature you and look forward to following your work! -J

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Charlie my friend, love the use of ‘new language'” we stand pin drop eared,” and the incorporation of colloquialisms such tied to apron strings, tooth fairy . An erudite ‘Tour de Force, free form at it’s best. I think strict form would stifle your muse.
    Hugely enjoyable !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nigel, always appreciate your feedback, be interested to hear your thoughts on “I Rise” bit more my usual style. Hope you are well my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

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