Here happiness lays where happiness lies

Between the shutters of hazy eyes

Between the sun across the fold

In the cafes where tales are told,

And all the smoking stars.


All the lines of sea and grain

All the bobbing boats floating plain

Still their sails they rub the shallow grain,

Hark the gull and gliding bird

Telescope eye has mouse disturbed,

Scampering, he dashes the tinder grass.


Anchors weigh the muscled floor

Crashing they broke the watery door

The gentle lap the washing shore

Strokes the land as always before,

And rides, the giving tide.


All warm the world warms with warming rise.

Beads flow across no longer lined brows

No red cheeks no tempered rows

That moment but a moment in a memory frame

Glowing light dancing flame, two lovers perched above the grain

They spoke, their spoken dreams.




Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

12 thoughts on “Brittany

  1. Welcome back Charlie My friend . I’m assuming it was a good break because you’re back, pushing it further. This piece mate is awesome, complete change of style but definitely a Hasler piece. To be able to write differently is a great thing because it allows you to tailor a rhythm,vibe, flow with a subject . So glad you’re back writing. I did an article showcasing our community’s talent but needed your permission to use your art, needless to say I had to give you a mention. You must be pleased with this Charlie !

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    1. Hi Nigel, it’s good to be back my friend, didn’t pick up a pen all holiday but just took it all in. I love France generally but there is something very comforting about Brittany, almost a country in a country, like Liverpool. Thanks for the mention, I am yet to sit down and properly take a look but I certainly will, it took me a few days to get that poem out as been a bit hectic getting back into the swing of things. I enjoyed this one, gentle to write and read.

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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking “Stroke of Bad Luck.” This is a beautiful poem; I really enjoy nature poems and write a few myself by times. Yours reminds me of the nature poems of Thomas Summers at another poet I follow.

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