Softer Seeds

When I was a boy of my Fathers eye, 

Many strands and grey ago,

He walked the world with a softer step,

A softer step with me in tow.

This is how we did wander, 

And wander we did go.


When I was a lad of my Fathers hands,

Many yesterdays and seasons come,

I learned his words and wisdom,

Forgetting them as I did go.

How I still wander forgetful, 

Forgetting as I go.


When I was a man of more a lad,

With all my Fathers worry and woe,

I learnt life can be unforgiving,

Unforgiving from the seeds I did sow

And how I have been reaping,

Reaping as I go.


Now I am a man that has fell and fallen from my Fathers tree and apples eye,

I see the lessons he was teaching, teaching through clearest sky.

I wish I listened harder, pin pricked and ears true,

How I would be able to wander wiser, wander wiser a man I would go,

And how my seeds would be softer, 

Would be softer my seeds to sow.

Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

32 thoughts on “Softer Seeds

      1. Interpreted it as ‘fingers crossed’ anyway ! I was thinking about your work the other day after the articles I did on ‘Punk poetry’ and ‘northern style’ poetry and it does remind me of the Mersey poets of the 60’s (fitting I know) and certainly lends itself to performance poetry. I know it isn’t your thing, mine neither but you could always check out that scene, chat maybe someone will read them for you. Just another way of spreading the noise.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am going to have a look online and see what is local to me, so I take it I would just contact them and say got some stuff want to read it kind of thing?

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Not at all my mate, honestly I think it’s a cracking idea. Truth is I haven’t thought past much further than publishers etc. I am having a sit down next Saturday and selecting my personal favourites to send off for their consideration. If that fails then I will go the self publishing route like amazon etc.


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