Early Curtain Hill

Soon now back the clocks will creek their light away,

Tired arms of two, only one will backwards sway, 

Stolen will be one hours, one hours of lightened day.

Time takes a giant step back, lowers the sun, tilts it`s blinding seasons cap.

Blinded now the sun sits always low to curse the driving eyes,

No longer sat on walls of warming weather skies.

Clocks pull down the day like a shutter door, 

Light comes crashing down on the soon to be frozen floor.

All closed now, all closed,  weeping eyes, dripping nose.

All faded now the olive and chestnut skin shine few,

Grey eyes ringed and stare the wet washing in.

Lined stretch under the sodden miss timed weight.

Wind blows the smalls across the neighbours creaking gate.

Mr Time the watch watcher of always watching and wearing way,

Sits alone in his house up on early curtain hill,

Down he now embraces the dark and turns up the winters chill.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.





2 thoughts on “Early Curtain Hill

    1. Thank you, I just had the idea that this shift between seasons is sort of a nothing time, not quite summer, not quite Autumn just all a bit between and nothing, I think that’s how it started anyway

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