It’s Arrived!



Its a bit big and a lot thinner than I thought it would be but it is all a learning curve and something I can hold in my hand and think to myself, I did this.


17 thoughts on “It’s Arrived!

  1. Hello Charlie, this is Gregory Thomas. I just wanted to thank you for following my blog at Cascadialegends.word
    Many people are OCD, it is because of the protectionism that the world wants us to be.
    If it is due to job related stress, please do know that ALL jobs are ‘bread’ to claim perfectionism, but we all know that even ceos mess up all the time.
    Please do read some if my writings, I will dedicate some new poems I will write towards OCD and depression for you.
    I will read your stuff as well. 😉
    -Gregory Thomas.

    P.S. I had depression as well for quite some years, (not no more though) this is why I created a Sad Poems tab on my blog.

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