Ocean Glass – (old post)

Cast across ocean glass, how the winged fishes wept.

Dew be a diamond crystal, of silky hair regret,

How the winged fishes dangle,

They be caught upon the net.


I have a simple deck of wood, no grass or house of grand,

No need for beach or oceans, no need for golden sand.

I am not a holy man, no bible held in hand,

But if heaven were a place, 

It be on this plot of land.


With ember bud glowing, at my rebuilt side,

I have the means to reclaim, what was lost in once raging tide.

No current will pull my flame, back to the Davey Jones,

I have rebuilt my sail, and with steel rebuilt my bones.


So through this window I ponder, with my new brighter outlook,

My time is now mine, I returned that broken book.

My demons lay dying, withered upon the floor,

I won that ghastly battle, 

Now watch me win the war.



Copyright © 2018 Charlie Hasler.


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