Choired Land


I stood aloft the mountain, clouds in reach my mortal hand,

Aloft I stood the mountain,

Below lays a choired land.

Below the rolling valley, her blanket sailed in grass,

A place where all time stands,

Held perfect in gentle clasp. 

A perfect moment that will stay, forever it shall last,

Once stood my prayers present, 

Now sits my heavenly past.

Standing I stood where many a mortal did stand,

Below sits choired valleys, 

That hymn this miners land.

No need to open my eyes, no need to awaken from dream,

This land laid out in front of me is real, 

As many sleeping eyes have dreamed.




Copyright © 2018 Charlie Hasler.


Lemon Pepper – (old post)

There is no more fat to chew,

No more the bitter taste nor choking gristle words to spew.

I sit more peaceful,

More peaceful I sit undisturbed,


Nose cut and spite grinds that tempered grid,

No kind to be found, nor gentle to be sourced from under that hollow lid.

All lemon pepper sucking and twisted vanity unfair,

Nothing is happening behind that vacant vacuous stare.


It was a cold heart that shifted my mood to one side,

How I sat there bare as the day I fell falling from my Mothers tide.

Now I find I walk that small rope tight and balanced alone,

Calm now the melody, that tunes my calmer tone.



Copyright © 2018 Charlie Hasler.

Recent Posts

Hi all,

I should mention that a lot of the posts I have posted recently have been poems/prose etc that I have previously posted on this blog already. This is mainly because 1, I am working on second book and 2, I have new followers who wont of seen a lot of my older stuff. I have now marked all posts that have been republished as “(old post)” going forward I will simply state the fact the post is republished/edited in the excerpt.