Quieter Role – (old post)

When I was a young Tom cat

And my thoughts were all of cream,

Id slash and claw at all I saw

And take by whatever mean.


When I was a rabid dog of a lad

And red did cross my eyes,

Id foam and bite at all that passed

And all that I despised.


When I was a raging bull of a man

And brew was in my soul,

Id fight and duck for rages luck

And pay no mans toll.


But now I am a quieter man

Who seeks a quieter role,

I have met my love, my darling dove

Who quietened my angry soul.





Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

6 thoughts on “Quieter Role – (old post)

  1. I identify; touching; romantic; intimate you inspire:


    You found happiness,
    replacing hurt and fighting,
    letting your love reign


    Never miss a chance
    To declare your love for her
    Show her what it means

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