Orange Moon

Goodbye to the hand that cradled,

Goodbye to the arm that rose,

Goodbye to the palm that burned,

And by the orange moon glowed.


Goodbye to the tears that ran,

Goodbye to the screams that followed,

Goodbye to the one who wept,

And in the street light bellowed.


Hello to the clinking chain,

Hello to the cold floor,

Hello to the painted concrete,

And steel bolted door.


Hello to the creeping silence,

Hello to the shadows of regret,

Hello to the memory,

And ever repeating threat.


Copyright © 2018 Charlie Hasler.



9 thoughts on “Orange Moon

  1. Beautiful poem with such powerful words. You couldn’t have described the lack of freedom better than this. Your piece has great eloquence and makes me think of all the people who are imprisoned for no other reason than their political ideas like our Catalan leaders.

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