Who is me

said he,

The laughing angry fool,

Who is we

said me,

The one who is the fool.


Not you, the caring few,

Nor them, the judging many,

None of the above,

Or as it happens,

None of any.


How to be

said he,

The clowning dancing fool,

How to be

said me,

The one who is the fool.


Not you, the concerned few,

Nor them, the indifferent many,

None of the above,

Or as it happens,

None of any.


Who are any of we,

Said me,

The most and the few,

We are the who,

said you,

So often and so many.


Copyright © 2018 Charlie Hasler.

Atonement – (old post)

I wandered a broken man,

Devoid of soul,

How my diamonds did roll,

And slice my barren hands.


On white hot sands, of changing lands

I wandered amongst ghostly dunes.

With haunted eyes and muffled cries,

I hummed a quivered tune.


And met was I, by an echoed cry

Of a dog I know by name,

Red eyes glared, as mine froze scared,

His eyes a ruby blaze.


With a matchbox fumble and a liquored tumble,

I fell to my prayer-less knees.

And there I kneeled, with no strength to yield,

No words to muster my way.


It was at that moment, in the search for atonement,

The injury had become my own.

And there in the rain, the beast lay slain,

Alas, my truth had run me down.


Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.


Voices Of A Hidden Self and A Travelling Fair (review)

I would like to recommend checking out any of Nigel Smiths work. He is an English Poet and Writer from West Yorkshire. I have read Nigel’s first two books (images below) Voices Of A Hidden Self and A Travelling Fair.

Nigel’s work has beautiful rhythm and a nostalgic feel. His poems are paths to be walked not mountains to be climbed, they have a beautiful melancholy feel to them.

I would also recommend checking out his blog as there you can listen to the man himself reciting some of his work. The Yorkshire mans dulcet tones are a pleasure to listen to.

I have included some useful links below:

Goodreads Author Page –

Amazon link –

WordPress site –





Orange Moon

Goodbye to the hand that cradled,

Goodbye to the arm that rose,

Goodbye to the palm that burned,

And by the orange moon glowed.


Goodbye to the tears that ran,

Goodbye to the screams that followed,

Goodbye to the one who wept,

And in the street light bellowed.


Hello to the clinking chain,

Hello to the cold floor,

Hello to the painted concrete,

And steel bolted door.


Hello to the creeping silence,

Hello to the shadows of regret,

Hello to the memory,

And ever repeating threat.


Copyright © 2018 Charlie Hasler.



Words From An Unlikely Poet: Volume 2: Further Thoughts

My second book of poems is available at Amazon on Kindle and paperback. Give it a go! ps the ugly mug on the front cover is me.

Following on from the first book, Further Thoughts is one man’s view of the world around him. It is a candid expression of the trials that come with battling mental health demons, the exhaustion that comes with the search and pursuit of happiness and the inner peace that is achieved once finding it.

Selection of Amazon links below:

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