Grey is where I stay,

The middle,

The indifferent,

The between,

Not always pitched jet, or polished black,

Nor always milky winter, or wonderland white,

Just grey, every day,

That’s depression,

They say,

Always grey.


So, like I say, this is where I am,

Stood on my selfish sullen spot.

Pretending to be happy,

For you oh so sensitive lot.

With your kaleidoscope eyes and rainy days,

Your oh never minds,

And come what mays,

Or my favourite,

Think of brighter days,

Not these depressing, depressing,



If I am not careful I may end up grey and alone,

With all the time in the world,

To sit and atone,

So very alone,

In my grey and lonely home.

How different would that be from the present and the now,

I am already alone in my head, face always set to scowl.

Howl, you all could in a room up on cloud nine, calling me up,

Not now, next time.

I have nothing to say,

Feeling grey.


I remain where I have always sat,

My thumb in my mouth, feeling sorry for myself,

Sorry about this,

Sorry about that,

And sorry for making you all feel,

So awfully terribly.


That being said, I am not sorry at all,

Hence I feel quite,

Almost happy,

While writing this selfish sounding,

Sombre scrawl.



Copyright © 2018 Charlie Hasler

13 thoughts on “Grey

  1. That was actually more beautiful and encouraging than you realize. Maybe you do realize it. Maybe that’s why “hence you feel quite almost happy.” I understand depression. I’ve been there. Ups and downs throughout my life. Just came through another grey storm myself recently. There’s hope though. I absolutely believe this. No doubt about it. I’ve seen both the greys and the vivid and glorious bursts of colour. I believe the future is even brighter too. Yep, I’m among that sensitive lot who’s seen the rain in a whole different way. Your poetry speaks. I like that. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just checked it out. Great write. In some senses I struggled with it, Its a tricky one as I feel, and I say this with the greatest respect, we are looking at this from different angles. I mean in the sense I am an atheist and you are not. On that basis I think we are reading from 2 different pages, or maybe the same but at different angles? not sure, but that is good because I have something to ponder, and that’s healthy. Cheers

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s an interesting thought: “different pages, or the same but at different angles? ” Because I do believe in God, I could easily see us as being on the same page because we are under the same moon. Then again, if you look at pages as a place in the journey that would place us on very different pages. Either way you’re right the angle that were looking from is very different. I hate depression. I know how terrible it is, but from my perspective it’s also drawn me closer to God and has made me a very empathic person. There’s more to it as well, but it’s not easy to put into words. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful poetry. I do appreciate the angle that you are viewing things from as well.

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      2. I know what you mean it is not a thing that is easy to put in a sentence or indeed a few sentences. Thank you so much for all your positive feedback and complementary words about my writing , it’s very much appreciated and well received. All the best.

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