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9 thoughts on “Online

  1. I appreciate the thoughtfulness in this poem. Being human is such a strange contradiction. At one time we were so separated by distances. Now we can be in a room surrounded by people we know and feel very much alone. I suppose the latter could have been true hundreds of years ago too. Humans so long to connect. At the same time, each human has a different means for a connection. One person easily gets to know groups of people. Another person prefers to get to know people in a one-on-one format (my personal preference, thank you introversion).

    Wasn’t expecting to write so much in this here comment. It must be true that good writing incites further thoughts. Keep it up!

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  2. This definitely should be leading the new age of romantic poetry. Reminds me so much of The Solitary Reaper. Wordsworth’s age lost all that was natural to the industrial revolution. Alas, it’s coming back all over again. Thanks for saying it so superbly.

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  3. I deeply relate to this poem. It is so beautifully written, and it expresses exactly what I feel all the time. As a kid I felt really isolated and as the technology has advanced, I find myself feeling isolated again, years later. I feel like social media hurts healthy relationships and makes us all more insecure and depressed. But it helps when others can relate. Keep writing!

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