I am the apple that fell closest to my fathers tree
Reflections of the man,
The man who came before me.

I have the same hands formed and weathered by time
Same hands weathered,
Weathered through knowledge
And then passed to mine.

I am the same mountain
A mountain consumed by worry,
A worry to climb, now the worry
The worry is mine.

We are both men the same
We walk forward,
Forward through sheeting rain
Forward through wind and gales a blow
Forward through perils set out to slow
Forward through hell and its burning lightening glow,
In wildest river forward
Forward is all we know.

I am my fathers son,
My battle has started
His is nearly done,
I’ll carry the banner forward,
Forward till our battles are won

Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

Quieter Role

When I was a young Tom cat

And my thoughts were all of cream,

Id slash and claw at all I saw

And take by whatever mean.


When I was a rabid dog of a lad

And red did cross my eyes,

Id foam and bite at all that passed

And all that I despised.


When I was a raging bull of a man

And brew was in my soul,

Id fight and duck for rages luck

And pay no mans toll.


But now I am a quieter man

Who seeks a quieter role,

I have met my love, my darling dove

Who quietened my angry soul.





Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

Parted & Sold

With lips of spite she sips at her indifference
Remembering times of little resistance,
Remembering times of heartless spear
Thrust by lustful stranger
Or anyone
Who was near.
Into her barren curtain slit
Strangers often found their bit.
And welcomed in
Parted and sold
She offered warmth
From darkest cold.
Those days a forgetful memory
A crimson blush
Under carpets brush,
While skeletons collect
Their closets dust.
This be her truth
she’d remain it untold,
Behind the latch
Or old book fold.
Now these days she is better than most
Fortune has propped up that loose bed post,
And down her nose she does do stare
At strangers passing
 Poor and threadbare.
Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

Somewhere In Between

Somewhere in between

half way across swollen stream

half awake from happy dream

I walk the way

in between.

Dragging feet

solemn stands

holding soul

heart in hand.

Stumbling across

uneven pavement

uneven land

sinking deeper

into sand.

I’m nearly there

some day’s worse

return the spell

a mind cursed.

The drop greater

than any low

happiness a brief

passing show.

I walk along

in between

my happy time

rarely seen.

As soon as it is there

it is gone

leaving this haunted man

to wander on.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

Good Feeling

Remain with me on this good day
don’t let me down nor go away.
Keep fear at bay
save it for another day.
For now let me smile on this happy day.
Tomorrow is then
today is now
leave me free
by sorrows scowl.
Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.



it used to make me strong

but over time

made me weaker

there was irony

all along.

Hands sweaty

back arched

ready to battle

moments charged.

The shake of the rush

courses through

strength of ten men

unleashes on you.

Guns blazing

no glory

the sad tale

of a once true story.

Punching walls

knuckles bleed

with a wide arm stance

stood a man in need.

But that time has past

Its no longer me

a mournful regret

of the man

you see.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.



Mind Kite

Mind Kite

please slow your flight

these winds are too strong

in the dead of this night.

Please ease this chaotic flight

my troubled mind kite.


Mind kite

head for some calmer clouds

where float be your pace and glide your grace.

Please slow down my troubled mind kite

please slow this treacherous flight.


Mind Kite

the string is breaking in this storm

please come down

im losing site

of my frantic mind kite.


Mind kite

please slow your flight

my arms are failing me now

and sweat does pour from my solemn brow.


Mind kite

hear my cry

anymore of this pulling

and my soul will surely die.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.


I am the vampire in your life, causing pain and supplying strife.

Sucking the core from your soul, taking your life and consuming it whole.

No cross or spike nor illumination light, will help you against my worry, my pain, my plight.

I am the vampire who takes control, contorting and reshaping your helpless soul.

Hold your bible close, say your prayers, your in this nightmare now, with all my cares.

The vampire you see is not me, it is a mirage of the man I used to be.

Feed I will on your light, consuming and fading your inner might.

But stay strong, resist my will, fight back and battle still.

The night is long but so is the day.

 Have faith in me.

Set me free.

Bring back the man, I used to be.




Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

Fears Web

What is this spiders web, running and weaving through my head

Diamond and square, circle and tear

Trapped am I upon the thread

Struggling to get free from my inner mind web

Dangle and jangle, cocooned a frown

A thread across my mortal crown

What is that in the distance

Closing in to consume my inner resistance

Eyes gleaming, like a patch of  starlight

Nothing can contain my inner worst fright

I try to get loose, cut away free

No amount of screaming is going to save me

Fast approach, nearer still

To afraid to fight, to weak to break free

I shall allow this fear to break and consume me

Now on top, pinning me down

The weight too much, I feel the drown

And so the feast commences

Breaking through my fragile mind fences

Fear is done

It scurries away

Leaving me here dangling







Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

Anxiety: A Burden Chime.

I am anxious all of the time and fear is my burden chime.

Hands are locked, eyes are tight, a constant need to fight or flight.

I am exhausted all of the time, always listening to the burden chime.

The constant chime never stops, no pleading or begging pauses these chiming clocks.

The clock always ticks, ticks, ticks, never a pause to let me unload these heavy mind bricks.

A walk outside is done as a race, the burden chime sets the pace.

I am not in control of my inner feel, these devil chimes steer my internal wheel.

Chime, tick, chime, tick, please help me with this hellish mind brick.

Please stop the chime, its making me ill, anymore and ill sink further still.

I cant breath, the chime wont let me, please make it stop or at least reach out and get me.

Pass me a hammer, pass me a knife, cut this chime and help me reclaim my life.

I want my life back, chime no more, to hell with this anxiety matador.

I have no fight left, I have no flight in me, the burden chime is killing me swiftly.

On goes the burden chime even as I write this, toes curl, neck aches, please help me put on my mind brakes.

How can I go to work tomorrow, the burden chime allows me only sorrow.

Tired I am, counting the chime rhythm, dancing to its tune at any time given.

So as you read this now, look at your watch, gaze at your clock and be thankful you hold the key and command the lock.

You hear no chime, you are the clock and you command when it goes tick or tock.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.