Autumn (edited)

I see the days of shorter light,

Cupping the orange of blanket noon,

Across the humming hills of yesterday, 

And the trees of the acorn dune.


The crackled flame flickered a phoenix,

A phoenix of blooming ruby glows,

Ash bowed out the summer, 

As autumn winged and rose. 


A change is carried now on the ever cooling breeze,

Life begins to wilt and wallow,

Slips the clinging fingers of summer, 

Now falls her widowed leafs.

Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

The Departing Green

Heavy eyed I sit and stare at the departing green,

Silence has fallen across summer, hushed it`s warming woven beam.

Nature with a finger to mouth lowers the birds to a quieter tone,

Exhaustion covers the window world, branches lose their blankets curled.

Winter is approaching with all her snap and bite,

To shorten the humming day, reclaim the shrieking night.

Goodbye to the blooming of colour and bud,

Make way for Jack and his frozen mud,

He sits waiting with his long fingers over the orange hill,

Behind the red house, the leafy summer twilight chill.

Clouds pour their buckets of sea and salty mist, sipping the earth,

Tapping the mouthing fish,

Hammer heavy, angry as a clenched black fist, they roll from pillar to post.

Cats will cry the whining night, cursing they shall tip and toe the stone earth,

Longing for warm tarmac prowls, flashing glances, slit eyed scowls.

And we the fat and few will sit perched fatter and fewer as the clasp of the winter cup

Sips our leather skin to pale and ghost.

Pending our ruby cheeks, valley lips and ash fingers, we await the scurry of hurried days.

Heater burning bath and bubbling blaze, bulb beige light for always days, Smokey breath of winter haze, summer birds retreat to flight, farewell until the return of never night.

Until then I shall sit and cherish, cherish the departing green.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.