Knife (Harry Hole #12)

** spoiler alert ** They should make this series into a Netflix series. That’s why the snowman didn’t work as a stand alone film because there was not the context to the character albeit fassbender is Harry Hole in terms of how I picture him in my head.

But anyway to the book, in a nutshell great story and it had all the grit that is to be expected of this character and of course a great twist. My only criticism would be too much padding in the middle for me, even for a Harry Hole story this was or seemed chunkier than usual. Back to the twist I did guess this one fairly early on as it was clearly the most obvious but not obvious at all, classic Nesbo sending you of in 5 different directions then 3 then your left with 2 and finally all is revealed.

Loads of directions this series this could go in now. I look forward to more.