Somewhere In Between

Somewhere in between

half way across swollen stream

half awake from happy dream

I walk the way

in between.

Dragging feet

solemn stands

holding soul

heart in hand.

Stumbling across

uneven pavement

uneven land

sinking deeper

into sand.

I’m nearly there

some day’s worse

return the spell

a mind cursed.

The drop greater

than any low

happiness a brief

passing show.

I walk along

in between

my happy time

rarely seen.

As soon as it is there

it is gone

leaving this haunted man

to wander on.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

The Restaurant & The Anxious Man

Scratching chalk boards

amongst the chatter

clinking glasses

make ears shatter.

Nervous leg dances around

mind projects troubled frown

these eyes get lost

amongst constant drown.

No one wants a troubled friend

all ears

but none to bend.

Come along

it will be nice

disregard the chill

the winter ice.

Try not to scream or flip a table

must act calm

show I’m able

to remain in this place

remain at this table.

Try to talk

make them laugh

put on usual

jokers hat

we mustn’t fall

into misery’s trap.

I cant do it

I want to go home

retake my seat

my depression




Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.










Good Feeling

Remain with me on this good day
don’t let me down nor go away.
Keep fear at bay
save it for another day.
For now let me smile on this happy day.
Tomorrow is then
today is now
leave me free
by sorrows scowl.
Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.



it used to make me strong

but over time

made me weaker

there was irony

all along.

Hands sweaty

back arched

ready to battle

moments charged.

The shake of the rush

courses through

strength of ten men

unleashes on you.

Guns blazing

no glory

the sad tale

of a once true story.

Punching walls

knuckles bleed

with a wide arm stance

stood a man in need.

But that time has past

Its no longer me

a mournful regret

of the man

you see.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.



The Trip

Going away tomorrow, feeling confident about it, will be lots of people everywhere and ill be out of routine, but whatever, im going to embrace that fear. It cant kill me. Its site seeing not sword swallowing.

The fact I am going in the first place is a victory. Normally my OCD, Anxiety etc would just make it too stressful.

There will be things that grate on me, the Instagram junkies will no doubt be out in force, who I swear go away for the sole purpose of being able to Instagram the shit out of everything so we all know their exact time, location and frequency. Hate Instagram, I had it once but I got rid of it because I couldn’t handle my friends, who are mainly grown men my own age, posting inspirational quotes all the time. Instagram Gollums “LLLIIIKKKEEEZZZZ MMMEEEEE”

Anyway, I am going off point. As I say I am feeling confident about going away, it will be good to break routine, which is hard to do when at home in base camp.

All the best and I hope you enjoy whatever it is you and yours are doing this weekend.




Hates Self Reflection

Those vicious insults bounce right back

the burden of guilt is yours to carry

on your own bitter twisted back.

I hope those bricks are heavy

way you down

you are the cause of your own

wretched frown.

Your cold stare makes me feel warm

your coldness only makes you wither

against your own internal storm.

I wonder what you see

when the shadows come

a sad face of a mother

once proud to call you son.

The bully you are

kind you are not

awaits for you a lonely grave

in a dark solemn spot.

And when you look in the mirror

what do you see

not a kind reflection

like the one looking back at me.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.


Anxiety Comes Knocking


goes the door

sending shudders to my core

anxiety has come knocking

at my nervous mind door.


Bang again!

Its not getting in

a brace of the latch

a flick of the catch…….

Its no good

anxiety is still knocking at my minds door.






Whats this?


its gone….


Just as my heart returns to pace

a look of horror shoots across my face

my worst fear

its all so clear








Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.










Anxiety Inferno

Its starts with a subtle twitch

a spark of an itch

a gasp

a whimper

a tight eyed splinter.


Hands turn to liquid

palms slide of touch

the heat grows


to much.


Back dripping with a humid rain forest stick

the heat and fear

take their grip.


Nets cast over lung

choking fear

inferno flames

get too near.


Sweat retreats

from every pore

to dampen

the flames

burning sore.


Now inferno roar

and burns





Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.



Troubled Mind

How I fear my troubled mind, you never do treat me kind.

How I fear my troubled mind.


Moonlight creeping, through pane of glass, how I pray my fear won’t last.

How I fear my troubled mind.


Silent taunting, mocking laughter, my troubles lasting ever after.

How I fear my troubled mind.


Black cloud, as black as oceans deep, rocks of sharps and serpents sleep.

How I fear my troubled mind.


Shadow across brow of hill, dampening light of darken sight.

How I fear my troubled mind.


Claps of thunder, roll of dice, remove remove my winter ice.

How I fear my troubled mind.


How it feels all so unkind

Be still, be calm my troubled mind

learn to love and treat me kind

my worried






Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

Road To Mend

Im on the road to mend

perhaps its just around the corner or past that unshapely bend.

Over the hill

past that snow

a little to the left

over there

just so.

Past that tree

across that lock

that`s the place where minds go to dock.

Im face-down in the dust

so lost

on this road guarded by a mind cyclopes.

One track vision is all I see

like the cyclopes and fear

together we make three.

So many mirages

where is it all from.

My feet are heavy.

But its ok.

I am sure ill eventually find my way.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.