I am the apple that fell closest to my fathers tree
Reflections of the man,
The man who came before me.

I have the same hands formed and weathered by time
Same hands weathered,
Weathered through knowledge
And then passed to mine.

I am the same mountain
A mountain consumed by worry,
A worry to climb, now the worry
The worry is mine.

We are both men the same
We walk forward,
Forward through sheeting rain
Forward through wind and gales a blow
Forward through perils set out to slow
Forward through hell and its burning lightening glow,
In wildest river forward
Forward is all we know.

I am my fathers son,
My battle has started
His is nearly done,
I’ll carry the banner forward,
Forward till our battles are won

Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.

The Man`s Coal Face

Are these life choices we make?

Open prisons

Dictated lessons

Maggie’s farm sessions,

Nuts and bolts

Bricks in walls

Sunday evening

Curtain falls.



 Do you use your creative mind space?

Hammering coal,  from the mans coal face,

Or do you dare for something bigger?

Be brave and pull your own life’s trigger.



 We are all sold a great big lie,

Careers matter

Ask yourself why?

Button shirt

Tie straight,

Groundhog journey

Mustn’t be late.



 With a two-fingered salute

And clenched fist wave,

Make time to catch,

Times passing wave.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Hasler.